Solar O&M in India: Operations and Maintenance

Solotronics is a leader in providing solar consulting service like solar epc and solar o&m in India. Our team of experts are technology experts having spent years in research on solar technology in academia before joining us. Solotronics has a dedicated team and a specialized training unit dedicated to Solar O&M operations.

Solar Technology Experts

When investing in a technology it is even more important to make sure that the technology is right. Solar is at the end is a technology game and we understand that and give it the foremost importance. Our team has worked extensively on solar PV research.

Solar Engineering

Our team of engineers have had extensive solar training at our solar training center other than the years of experience they already have, working on the field.


We constantly monitor the solar power plant from our central command to make sure that when production drops, an engineer is on his way for inspection.

Efficiency and System Checks

We make sure that the solar power plant undergoes different evaluations as per international standards. This makes sure that the solar plant is running at it’s full capacity.

Cut the Hassles

Solotronics Solar O&M team will make sure that we take care of every aspect of the solar power plant, leaving you with a hassle free service.